Webster Dictionary's definition of gritty is
1) courageously persistent and 2) having strong qualities of tough uncompromising realism. The work of photographer Casey Holloway is most definitely gritty. Looking through the lens as Casey sees it, you are invited to view the raw essence of his subjects.

 With most images you see these days polished to be made 'perfect', Casey shoots with a sincere yet fresh and glossy quality.

 Creative and daring, he manages to photograph even the most simple and turn it into something you never quite thought it could be.

 Although you get a sense of 'artist who takes himself seriously' because of the calibre of work, the real man is actually quite different. Born and raised in Sydney Australia, he has an off-beat sense of humor the Aussies are known for and possesses the ability to create a genuinely comfortable shooting environment ensuring the most authentic results.